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Tendências para acelerar os negócios das empresas com cloud

Oracle Modern Conferences 

Realizado pela Oracle, evento promove troca de experiências sobre Recursos Humanos, Marketing e Vendas, Finanças, Suprimentos e gestão de TI e conta com a participação do CEO da empresa, Mark Hurd

São Paulo, 19 de novembro de 2015 – Nos dias 8 e 9 de dezembro de 2015, a Oracle realizará o Modern Conferences, uma série de quatro eventos simultâneos sobre tendências e visões de futuro para o mercado corporativo com foco nas soluções de cloud para áreas estratégicas nas empresas, como Recursos Humanos, Marketing, Finanças, Suprimentos e TI.  Os eventos acontecem no WTC Events Center, em São Paulo.

Como principal keynote, Mark Hurd, CEO da Oracle, participará do evento a fim de compartilhar como as inovações tecnológicas podem apoiar o crescimento das empresas que precisam intensificar seus esforços para serem competitivas em seus setores e atender as expectativas de seus clientes na era digital.

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Editor's Note: How to Succeed at ERP in the Cloud

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Editor's Note: How to Succeed at ERP in the Cloud
If you're considering moving all or part of your ERP systems to the cloud, here are some considerations that I heard while listening to the finance and tech pros at the recent Modern Finance Experience and Oracle OpenWorld conferences:
Hybrid clouds will be the norm. For at least the next decade, most companies are looking at a mix of on-premises and cloud systems. The good news is that your business processes can be more streamlined even with a hybrid model, but only if you design your hybrid cloud wisely.

Change management is critical. Early on, bring in the users who work with the ERP systems so they can understand how and why business processes will change.

Mind the data. Make sure you have a solid data governance policy—it's especially critical as you knock down data silos.

The fact is, CFOs can't keep up in today's competitive economy by looking at reports focused on how things used to work. As Oracle Vice President for Applications Development Rondy Ng noted, you shouldn't have to wait for the month-end—or always involve IT—to see what's going on in your business.
—By Margaret Harrist
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Build Your Best Business
Build Your Best Business

These questions are on everybody's mind: Why should we do this now? How will cloud computing and other new technologies drive my business forward? Oracle Modern Best Practice provides a free, online framework to help you embrace best practices that leverage technologies like cloud computing, mobile, social, and more.
Quote of the Week
"As the company grows, we need to think about where we provide the greatest value for our customers. It's not in maintaining infrastructure and scaling our systems. That's where we see the cloud playing a big role, scaling and managing infrastructure for us."
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Oracle Cloud Day: Transforming Your Tomorrow
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Larry Ellison's Cloud Best Practices from Oracle OpenWorld

My first post in English! ;)

News and Analysis to Guide Your Strategy
Editor's Note: The Cloud Is Winning
Chris Murphy
Once a year, Oracle customers take over downtown San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld. This year something else happened as well: The cloud took over Oracle OpenWorld on an even bigger scale. As cloud dominated this year's agenda, here are three conclusions I took away:
The cloud is winning. The full shift may take more than a decade, but cloud's speed and cost advantages are becoming irresistible, even for the largest companies. GE CIO Jim Fowler, on stage with Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, said GE expects 70 percent of its workloads to be in the cloud by 2020. Read an analysis of the forces behind Hurd's own cloud predictions—such as 100 percent of application development in the cloud by 2025.

Security is the foundation. Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison said cloud providers must push security down the stack, noting that database security and encryption are better than application security and encryption, and silicon security is better than software security. Ellison observed that the cloud needs "a next generation of security" because companies are losing too many cyber battles today. "If we're going to move all of this data to the cloud, we have to make sure it's secure, that that data cannot be stolen, that those services cannot be interrupted," he said.

Oracle is serious about cloud infrastructure. Oracle's early momentum has been in SaaS and PaaS, but Oracle President Thomas Kurian spelled out the ways Oracle also will compete in infrastructure as a service, including some low-price, commodity services. Oracle is leaving no cloud unturned in this historic shift to the cloud.
—By Chris Murphy
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Oracle discute inovações para mercado corporativo no Brasil

Press Release

Evento itinerante, Oracle Hardware Forum, reúne indústria de TI em São Paulo no dia 10/11. Depois segue para Monterrey (México)

São Paulo, 4 de novembro de 2015 - Tendências e inovações em hardware estarão em pauta durante o Hardware Forum, evento da Oracle que chega a sua terceira edição no Brasil, reunindo a comunidade de especialistas em TI para discutir como a tecnologia influencia a performance das organizações e como as escolhas corretas das soluções podem transformar o mundo dos negócios. As inscrições são gratuitas na página do evento

O Oracle Hardware Forum acontece no dia 10 de novembro, no Espaço Contemporâneo, em São Paulo, a partir das 9:30. Depois segue para México (19/11).

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Inovações na Oracle CX Cloud ampliam a mais completa solução de Experiência do Consumidor da indústria

Press Release

Oracle habilita as organizações a fornecerem experiências personalizadas e específicas para a indústria aos clientes

ORACLE OPENWORLD, SAN FRANCISCO - 3 de novembro de 2015 - O lançamento de novas soluções específicas para a indústria e de uma gama de melhorias reforçam o compromisso e a inovação contínua da Oracle com a Oracle Customer Experience Cloud (Oracle CX Cloud), o mais avançado, completo e inovador pacote de aplicativos CX. As organizações podem se mover com perfeição entre todo o espectro de ferramentas de marketing, vendas, serviço, comércio e social para oferecer experiências excepcionais.